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Haas said much has changed since 2012."We get death records from the state and we can compare those records to voters that are on the registration list and if they appear to be deceased, they are removed from the voter registration list," Haas said.Which further explains why, of the 362 possible "zombie voters," every one of them was either not registered to vote in Wisconsin or the voter file was flagged as deceased.

If you think that proves ballots were cast in the name of dead people, think again.

Donald Trump's supporters say it is a fact: ballots are cast in the names of dead people on election day.

In fact, the Republican presidential candidate made that claim of election fraud himself, at an October campaign stop in Green Bay."People who have died ten years ago are still voting," Trump told an enthusiastic crowd.

But how does the claim of a candidate with a flair for the outrageous square with reality?

Election scholar Richard Hasen, professor at the University of California-Irvine School of Law, insists that claim has no basis in truth."It's just not happening right now," Hasen said.

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