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The blonde with the absolutely stunning figure begins in a sun-hot snakeskin bodysuit and ultra glossy pantyhose and heels.Then she is restrained in a tight Max Cita straitjacket, and her fabulous lips are sealed with a white ballgag.Drink it all in in the Lovely Lukovia is up for more straitjacketing, and this week the key color is red. Lukovia is strapped up, arms behind, and frogtied with leather straps.Check it out in the So happy to have the sensational Johannie back in bondage!Her fantastic figure is hemmed up in a tightly applied Max Cita straitjacket, and her fabulous legs are frogtied with brown leather straps. This week's clip is of the ultra-delightful Ariel Anderssen in a creamy, tight black leather straitjacket and fantastic shiny hose with a great back-seam design.Ariel is silenced with a black ballgag, and those peerless, shiny legs are tied together with black leather straps.

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Ariel is strapped up in the black leather straitjacket that I adore seeing her in, it fits her so well.As is custom, we cinch 'er down and lock 'er up tight, first arms behind, then in front.Her legs are first bound to a spreader bar with leather ankle cuffs, then locked together.This week, Arreis is first wearing a purple bodysuit, shiny black pantyhose, and heels. Then for this week's video clip, it's the senational Rebecca, all dolled up in caramel brown leather booties, mittens, waistbelt, and Gwen hood.A creamy, black leather straitjacket is strapped on to her body, and she is gagged with a ballgag. She is well immobilized in the leather insutitional bed restraints, unable to get free no matter how she struggles.

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