Trouble updating windows xp

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Almost every Windows program will work fine with UAC enabled.

Windows 8 includes a Program Compatibility Troubleshooter along with compatibility options you can tweak.

For example, an old game may not run properly on Windows 8 when installed from disc, but the game’s developer may have released a patch that allows the game to run on newer versions of Windows. For example, many games using Microsoft’s own Games for Windows Live don’t run properly on Windows 8 until an update for GFWL is installed.

With a virtual machine, you can install a previous version of Windows — like Windows XP — and run it in a window on your computer.

You can then run your old software in the virtual machine.

You could also fix this by disabling User Account Control entirely.

We don’t recommend disabling UAC, as it’s an important security feature and it shouldn’t bug you too much — UAC has improved a lot from its sorry state in Windows Vista.

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