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Other messages trivialize the hazards of tobacco use and oppress respect for non-smokers.

In the opening scene, Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) is frozen for a crime he did not commit.

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Only the opening scenes show tobacco -- a Marlboro pack and a cigarette.

However, verbal messages throughout the movie associate tobacco use with independence, adult activities, freedom, and choice.

Huxley continues, "Bad language, chocolate, gasoline, uneducational toys, and anything spicy. Huxley's "anti-tobacco" message is neutralized by the absurdity of the law.

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Alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, meat." Spartan swears and is fined one credit from the "verbal morality code".The message: sex and smoking go together; sex is an adult activity; therefore, smoking is an adult activity.Sixty percent of smokers start by age 14, 90% by age 18, and virtually no adults start; a more realistic portrayal of smoking is that it is a childhood addiction carried through to adulthood because of the lack of choice caused by addition.In summary, the messages in Demolition Man promote denial, irrationally calm the health fears of smokers, and are oppressive to non-smokers' concerns about exposure to tobacco smoke pollution.MXit is a message exchange program for your cell phone.

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