Paulina rubio dating

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Paulina Rubio left behind a difficult year and is still struggling with economic and legal problems.

Overall, she remains a huge pop music mega star and she knows how to return to a steady presence in her field and brilliant personal future.

After much deliberation, the couple finally reached a divorce agreement with alimony for Vallejo and shared custody of their son.

This divorce was not a quick, clean or friendly one.

On the other hand, “Colate” Vallejo has regained his smile with a Venezuelan model, Alegria Beracasa, who he has been dating for the last five months.The couple mutually bashed each other in family court to the point that the judge ordered therapy for the former couple and dictated that they would return upon completion.It was also said that Paulina Rubio supposedly hired a private investigator to follow Vallejo and have testimony of his negligence as a father but, thank goodness, all that passed and they were rewarded with their freedom and a divorce settlement.In fact, Rubio was initiated as a coach in the last Mexican season together with singers Miguel Bose and the late Jenni Rivera.“Having Paulina Rubio as a coach in this first-of-a-kind show is a true honor for us,” said Daniel Cubillo, VP of content development at Telemundo Media.

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