Lefty dating

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The Ballad of Lefty Brown, R Sporting silly muttonchops and muttering self-deprecatingly, Bill Pullman, who turns 64 Sunday, is a lovable buffoon named Lefty Brown in this western that honors the classics.

As her janitor pal, AARP The Magazine cover girl Octavia Spencer anchors the fantasy with a performance not far from the earthy humor of The Help.

Through his eyes you feel the tense peril, the courage against high odds, the weight of words that changed the world.

FULL REVIEW Wonder, PG Feel like a good cry then surges of triumph?

When each family’s young hero returns from WWII and the veterans bond with each other across the race divide, Pappy isn’t happy.

FULL REVIEW Murder on the Orient Express, PG-13 Why would director Kenneth Branagh try to beat Sidney Lumet’s beloved 1974 version (or David Suchet’s 2010 TV version) of this classic tale?

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