Intimidating last names

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Para-Goombas are Galoombas which utilize parachutes instead of being Goombas with wings.

Flying Goombas (wing-bearing Galoombas) also appear, and can only hop on the ground instead of fly.

B Performers can go a lot of ways when choosing a new name.

Some add a middle name, some add an initial somewhere, some add their mother's maiden name or the name of someone they respect, while others just choose a name at random.

They first appear in "The Wheel Thing", in which they are shown as being the "power source" for the cars made by Mario and Luigi.

Galoombas also briefly appear in "The Yoshi Shuffle" in the audience during the football game.

Galoombas appear twice in the Super Mario World cartoon.Like Paragoombas, Flying Goombas' wings are clipped after one stomp, reverting them to normal Galoombas, and thus, stomping on them after their wings are gone just renders them helpless for a few moments, allowing the player to throw them at other enemies.Spiked versions of Flying Goombas also known as Para-Goombas later appeared in Mario Clash.They also lack a stem; the Galoomba's two feet are attached directly to the bottom of the head.As such, they resemble chestnuts more than mushrooms.

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