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Clearly, this isn't the impression you want to give off, especially since prioritising your work schedule is a basic requirement for studying at a higher level.Strongly consider providing additional contact phone numbers they can reach you on.It will be clear to the interviewer if you are doing something else, which sends out the wrong message; that attending their institution is not all that important to you.If you're a nervous speaker generally, it can be helpful to have a friendly chat with someone you're familiar with, leading up to your interview.While you should not read word for word from a pre-written essay (this will be too obvious), having something to remind you of key points that they should know about you, is a good "safety net" to have.This includes speakers and microphones, both built-in and external. Avoid things which will embarrass you or give off a negative impression.

Also, take off the first digit from the area code, which is usually a 0.It also looks good if you indicate that you want to prepare.If it's difficult to reach you or to complete the interview, an admissions officer may get a sense that you're not very organised.So take note of some of the following tips, which would also apply.It is perfectably reasonable to ask what questions you should prepare for in the interview.

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