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You can find online LPN programs at various institutes offering distant learning options.

Duke University, Saint Jones University, Luther College, Wagner College, Frankford Hospital School for Nursing and Saint Mary's College are names of a few institutes offering online LPN programs.

Students must at least obtain an associate level degree which covers the most initial and basic concepts required to become an LPN.

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An online LPN degree program can save up on your college traveling and accommodation costs.

Mostly, online students also cover the course in about the same time.

While there are a number of LPN programs in Chicago that you can enroll in, you don't actually need to worry about the location of the school if you're going for an online course.

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is a designation for practising nurses used in the major parts of United States and also in Canada.

In the American states of California and Texas, the LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) designation is more common, despite the work being the same.

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