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If you cannot find any links on this website, you can try asking on the debian-cd mailing list. Yes - Debian offers DVD images for the current stable release.Additionally, as far as we know, Debian is the only Linux distribution to offer weekly full-size DVD images for download!In this case, you should consider using jigdo's feature: jigdo can read the contents of the old CDs/DVDs/BDs, download only those files that have changed for the new CDs/DVDs, and create the full set of new CDs/DVDs/BDs.Still, it will have done this by downloading only about the same amount of data as for an update CD/DVD.Furthermore, in most cases it is not necessary to download all of the images for your architecture.The packages are sorted by popularity: The first CD/DVD/BD contains the installation system and the most popular packages.Mailing lists relevant to problems with CD installation: program? Today, there are nearly 300 Debian mirrors (which contain the complete Debian distribution as files), but far fewer machines serving Debian CD images.As a result, the CD image servers are constantly overloaded.

However, you do not need to be subscribed in order to send mail to the lists - if you are not subscribed, ask for replies to be CC'd to you.All the other, software (for example, software for which source code is not available) is not supported officially.The official CDs may freely be used, copied and sold by anyone anywhere in the world.This single CD contains just the minimal amount of software to start the installation and fetch the remaining packages over the Internet.If you only want to install Debian on a single machine which has a fast Internet connection, the network install may be the fastest and easiest option for you: You only download the packages that you selected for installation on your machine, which saves both time and bandwidth. Update CDs/DVDs are CDs/DVDs which contain all the packages that changed between a major release version (e.g.

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