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If you want true criticism, seek those who have created what you seek to create. Seek those with an open mind, who aren’t afraid to offend your fragile ego, and whether you agree with them or not, thank them.

As for your own inner hater, ask yourself is it the work you dislike, or the ideology behind it?

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It is not impactful, or meaningful, or polarizing, or true. You don’t have to agree with them, you don’t even have to grant them a reply.They don’t have the capacity to understand the job, or the focus and work ethic to do it themselves. I long ago stopped posting over at, the oldest seduction/men’s self improvement forum on the net. I can vouch, it’s a good site and it is growing fast.Is there anything more exciting than a first (or third, tenth, or fiftieth) date? Casual Daytime Date This can mean a lot of things: brunch, a picnic, a museum, an outdoor concert, a daytime movie, coffee.Whether you’re headed to a casual movie or a fancy dinner, the most important part is that you should look perfect in your outfit. We all want to look awesome, while feeling totally comfortable. Wear your black dress and accessorize it with some flirty shoes and jewelry. And in this case, you should wear what makes you most comfortable. And now you are ready to go an outdoor concert with your date.

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