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2, , J SUDDENLY A WHEEL came off the wagon* hurling our baby into the black, swirling waters of the river. Those dependable 'Eve ready' fresh DATED batteries helped save our little boy's life. But of “All a" low-priced cars only Plymouth gives you a majority of these features. Fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle with joints “pointed" until they vanished, the castings form an un- broken: surface. CSend return postage to our Bureau of In- formation to learn the name of the maker of any device described in this magazine, Pa Ow. /, Zl Ve^L POPULAR MECHANICS ADVERTISING SECTION 145A WITH M A G I C H M art J n new tifitidlt S*ti margin faster. K no ir how aasy it makes writing — how its many office typewriter features and con crab help you turn out neat, accurate business-like letters and reports, Maybe you've never used 4 typewriter — never thought: of owning one „ .

"NO FOREBODING of impending dan- ger warned my wife iitidutc as we walked home from town one night, pulling our two-year-old boy in his wagon,” writes Mr. “We were in the middle of a narrow footbridge* spanning a stream* when fate struck. Despite a thor- ough soaking, that light did not fail me. "its BRIGHT* faithful beam disclosed my boy clinging to the branches of a floating tree! CAR 4 X has 8 T iirs year, high-priced cars resemble each other in 22 important quality teal ares. From these were made plaster molds that were used in producing the final castings* con- sisting of cement reinforced with metal lath and channel iron. 3P, 3134 Fifth Av*., Chlesso ( "arsb, ni nt4 n n l Trailer lipiw lu. Two ventilating filters at the top permit the air to circulate and dry the brushes. id-in) ■“ ■ fni ertrveii* ia Of r&uiili Ll Ju Llt E K ll*J SEND NO MONEY dont spend .1 cent —until you know that a New Royal is going to be worth many times its c«t to you.

I will never be without them in my flashlight An "III trendy’' flashlight u Affo ’Ever tad y” ^ c (VT NOTE; An "Ei ertcidy’ r flashlight with "Ereready" ■ _ - , c batteries, ui H normally continue to burn under teaier, 0 Thf word ’ Ei’trtod y' ' ts a registered trade-mark oj National Carbon Co., Ih-c, FRESH BATTERIES LAST LONGER...^^? fin jure to see ami drive the nr* lo*^ priced Ply ino uth C n.n- merclal Pick-Up ami Piird D*llv*ry. Major Howls' I lour, C, B, 5., Tim™.* In size, in style, in riding comfon— Plymouth is most like the high-priced cars. To heighten the effect of the lights and shadows on the surface of the moon model* it has been painted in tones of bluish gray. Then you owe it to your- self, to your future, to c Il^ the coupon Ai nure and.

^ PATE-LItt^, — gjg] EX78A LONG tjjf B A T T If* * | ucd 4 POPULAR MECHANICS ADVERTISING SECTION IA CHA Cart fa Qui o The 1940 Quality Chart shows which low-priced car gives you most size, com- fort, all-around value* © Take Plymouth 1 * Lux- ury Hide**, see how much pleasure and riding. TWO-WAY GUIDE FOR CAR BUYERS Of 22 Important features found in High-Priced Cars PLYMOUTH has 21 . By James Mc Queeny Claw of -i eel, operated by overhead crane, reaches, into oven far pot of white-hot glen after terrific heat hat fuied ingredients into a mqlasses-like G LASS, the dietionary says, is a hard, transparent, brittle sub- stance, made by fusing sand with other ingredients Modem sci- ence doesn t agree with this definition, however, for it lias developed a glass as soft as silk, another as strong as steel, and a third without a trace of silica.

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