Dating us marines

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"The preparation and training take a long time." Despite her achievement, it has no effect on the Government's recent decision not to allow women to fight on the front line.

The 10-week All Arms Commando Course she passed is completely different to the 42-week course that Royal Marine commandos must pass.

They responded with exemplary courage and professionalism and I am proud of them.

"The second Pedro crew could not thank the Company enough for the efforts made to protect their comrades." The co-pilot and door gunner survived thanks to the rescue effort carried out by Charlie Company, 40 Commando, following the attack in June.

"We fought the fire and five lads were able to get into the aircraft to cut his strap and the laces of his boots to get his feet free. It took all five of them to get him out of the helicopter." Company Sgt Major Buck Ryan, 41, a married father of two from Tavistock, Devon, who has served with the commandos for 24-years, was in charge of recovering the casualties during the incident.

"She just said, 'I have passed, they cannot take my green beret away from me now'. "It's not a game to her, it is something that she knew she was capable of.

"When we got to it, the whole of the Pedro was in flames.

The engine block had dropped into the fuselage and we think that is what killed the medical team.

"The pilot was very brave and tried to control the aircraft but it went in to a spin and hit the ground very hard.

"We declared it a Mass Casualty incident and crashed out the whole company to protect the aircraft and get to the survivors.

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