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We have since performed an automated image check-up for everyone and have removed all the corrupted entries.HI I took my daughter to see it in april just before her fourth birthday. Athough it's chris and pui it's not show me show me as such although they do you use some of the characters during the show.If we walked into the local village she would hold my hand and I would buy a paper as quickly as possible to hard my constant erections which pushed against the fabric of my shorts.Those walks were wonderful and after the third day she seemed to grow more and more affectionate giving me light kisses and light spanks to my bottom to guide me into a shop of her choice.It was the best holiday of my life apart from the increasing sexual frustration.At night with Claire sleeping next door I just held my cock which again was huge and aching. we were there for two weeks, on the Monday of the second week it got so bad on the beach watching in her micro bikini that I swan out a long way and at last the cold sea water shrunk my cock.She then told me it was ok because I had her permission, it is the men who creep away and do it that are the pervs she told me.I still resisted, I was a nice middle class boy, a virgin and masturbation was still a very taboo subject back them.

There was a beach near the caravan and we went there everyday.That night in the Caravan she cooked me a light supper and poured me a glass of red wine, it was still warm and she wore a dressing gown tied tightly around her waist with nothing underneath.I wore some shorts and had postioned a paperback over my lap to hide yet another painfull erection.She kissed me gently and then pulling her dressing gown around her got up went to the small fridge and brought over a mug of ice cubes.She place them around my huge cock, I nearly came again put then my erection calmed down until my cock lay soft between my thighs.

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